ACM FUEL, American-Canadian-Mexican fuel company, and are ACM FUEL companies, will use solar energy, and hydroelectricity from Niagara Falls, for the conversion of coal to oil and CO2 to methanol. 

As a certified SBA small business, we're capable of supplying very large quantities of jet fuel (more than 100,000,000 gallons) and methanol to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and we're experts in implementing CO2 to methanol (via the Kocol Catalyst) conversion technologies. In the future, we'll supply M30 fuel @ our filling stations which will be located throughout America, Canada and Mexico. 

Our current logo is filed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license, courtesy Wikimedia, and the illustrator of this terrific piece of artwork is Alex Covarrubias. 






Methanol has progressed a long way since the days of its production by the destructive distillation of wood. It's now sustainably produced alongside other biofuels, such as ethanol. It represents a more affordable, available way for individuals, organizations, and countries to reduce carbon.